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The effective and increased usage of technology and digitalization in the classroom has become a controversial issue these days. Most teachers and students see that it is best for effective learning to use technology and digitalization because this usually enhances the teaching style and ultimately increased the knowledge and experiences of the students.  On the other hand, most of the teachers feel that the technology is used and ultimately causes difficult challenges and this is usually considered a waste of time.

 The effectiveness of the usage of technology in the classroom this considered having knowledge and skills among the teachers and students and the teachers usually believe that most of these students do not like it too much.  The main reason for disliking the increased usage of technology by the student is the frustration that students usually feel that they would last ones to translate the thoughts of their students who feel that digitalization in the classroom is not responding according to their needs.  This may include that the issue is not according to the technology in which the effectiveness when we considered rather than its complexities faced by the students because of the mindful thoughts of the students. There are about 50% of the ratio within the classroom usually like the usage of technology in their studies while the other 50% of the population dislikes the technology in the classroom.  The students usually think that due to the increased usage of technology improper exposure has been created between the teachers and the students because the students did not get the prompt answer related to their queries due to the usage of artificial intelligence.

Students complain about technology usage within classroom

            Most of these students dislike the verge of technology in their classrooms because the increased use of artificial intelligence and digitalization are less effective in their learning.  These students cannot question the robots while taking lectures and the only option the student has is to listen to the whole complete lecture.  The other problem is mainly related to artificial intelligence and increased usage of technologies by the students including that the teachers are wasting time in order to teach their students through the consideration of web tools and flaps with the usage of projectors or software.  The students did not learn effectively through the usage of these tools and resources because most of the teachers are unfamiliar with the technological tools and they are wasting time by using these resources and technological software because their students are not satisfied. Most of the students have complaints to their teachers that their professors and teachers are using technological software and presenting their lectures through PowerPoint presentations are not effective because the teachers are using these tools instead of their lesson plans.

Increased time spend on training the staff

The other problem faced by the student due to the increased usage of technology in the classroom is that most educational institutions are spending much time training their Staff and teachers in order to use the particular technology.  There are different strategies and ways by which the teachers could be trained to use the particular technology to provide effective learning to the students but positive feedback has not been achieved from the side of the student because they are not satisfied with the use of these technologies in their learning.

 Increase the usage of PowerPoint presentations to give lectures

The students are not satisfied with the usage of technologies in their learning because most of their tutors are using PowerPoint in order to give lectures and they only recite what is written on the scale and did not explain it accordingly. Most of the teachers are unfamiliar with the technologies and they often waste time and spent more time troubleshooting their learning because these students usually require to comment on an online chat room weekly but the teachers do not monitor it and did not overcome this issue.  The students have to wait for a week to get an answer related to their particular question and the unclear concept of the lecture.

The usage of technology is the barrier to success

 Most of these students usually considered that the usage of technology is a barrier to success.  This may include these struggles to align with the ways and instructions related to the increased usage and values of technologies in a particular institution.  The new generation is satisfied with the increased usage of technology because they are getting a number of different benefits related to its usage but in real life, the students face difficulties in effective learning due to the increased usage of technologies. Most of these are usually in the favor of increasing the usage of technologies in their classroom because with everything help of technology they can request an increased amount of information related to a particular topic which these students it’s comfortable with due to less effort.  The students can complete their online assignments frequently in comparison with doing their assignments manually and they share this with other students that I hire someone to write my assignment, due to the usage of artificial intelligence and technologies within their classroom by which they could realize that the technology is effective for them. There are many different students who did not use technology in their schools.  When these students entered college they face difficulties in using computers because all their work in college is dependent upon the usage of technologies and computers.  In this situation, most college students usually prefer manual traditional learning in comparison with the usage of technological learning. High school-age students usually like the technology to be preferred in the classroom which includes those students who get afraid to ask any particular question to their teacher face to face.  These students did not have any issue asking questions with the technology because they only have to write questions and they get answers according to it by which they can go back with their work.


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