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How to do the MY PLACE ESSAY Pre-Writing Exercise – Wedding Travel & Location

How to do the MY PLACE ESSAY Pre-Writing Exercise

Posted By: abhinay abhinay

About How to do the MY PLACE ESSAY Pre-Writing Exercise

ok so here we got here we are guys we’re in the we’ve logged into canvas and we’re looking at today’s agenda in the announcements section and i’m recording this screencast so that everybody knows how to get to work on this without feeling like they just have a ton of stuff to read but if you ever get lost you can always go back to read those instructions so here what we’re going to do is go get we’ve already done the do now we’re coming down here the agenda we’re going to click on the my place assignment that’s going to open up this tab right here so in my place i’m going to put this video right after these steps when i’m done with it but here are all the steps i’m just going to walk i’m going to let you watch me go through all of these steps save time we’re going to skip reading step number one the story about place and imagery by jennifer new but later when you’re writing you might want to come back and read this we’re going to skip down to step 3 where we open google drive and find the my place essays folder it’s going to look a little different on my screen but when i go to Google Drive I’ve got my drive and shared with me now if you’ve given me your email address shared with me should have a folder that’s named my price essays if I were you I’d cook the star button right next to the my place essays but then i’d also drag my place to my drive like this i’m going to cancel that so if you don’t see that i probably don’t have your email address correct because you probably didn’t enter it correctly on that particular document you might want to email it to me right now so i can fix that so if i don’t have your email address i can’t share this folder with you okay so i’m going to move on now that you know that you need to make sure that if you don’t see my place send me your email address so i will make sure to share with you okay so i’m in google drive and i’m in the my place folder now the next step is to click the Create button and write each of the five senses down okay that’s enough I’m going to come back over here I’m going to click the red create button I’m going to create a document I’m going to create and share and this way it’s automatically shared with the teacher and your fellow students first thing we do whenever we create a document is rename it we will always rename it with our own name and the name of the assignment there did you hear what I had to say for blended day ok just watch on watch on Eric screen Eric and my place boom now when other people go looking for my essay they only have to see that it’s my name and that which assignment it is so I’m going to be a good boy and type my name the class the code which is 1304 this class is I’d make this video the teacher it’s just so happens to be myself and the day the beautiful Valentine’s Day 2013 now name of the assignment my place SI so later i’m going to come back with a creative title i’m going to put it right there but for right now I’m just going to style it so that it looks like a title big bold and centered I’ll replace this later when I hit return it goes back to normal text i’m ready to start writing so i’m going to write the five seconds since its taste sight smell touch sound okay now just so that i know that these are headers as i organized my writing i’m going to make these heading number three there i’m going to delete these later once I reorganizing it my writing done but I’m going to think about the tastes for my special place now for a my place SE I need something else up here just to guide my thinking I’ll delete it later but my focus is a particular place the creek where at my grandparents when I was a boy okay and when I think about taste I’m going to use a bullet list here just if I like to stay really organized I remember let’s see it at the creek or tastes damn well hopefully not too many because it was just a tiny little muddy creek but I do remember the mineral taste of the water I remember the nutty bar that I you stole off the top of the fridge and so forth I’m going to open a new tab here and skip hopefully if I could pick the right one down to 1 i’ve already completed so that’s the wrong example let’s pick this one this one works that’s the wrong example let me just go real bad real fast back oh I’m going to find this right document my place yep I’m going to find mine there it is that’s what I’m looking for you’ve dug your imagery activity should start to look a bit a little bit like this document this is there anyone loads anytime soon okay so I’ve got touch I’ve got taste I’ve got smell sight sound let me point out what I’ve done to make all these colors happen so these are in a little bit different order so in touch i’ve got the feel of the tall grass I’ve got the cool water slick moss pinch of a crawdad cloth so forth and so on what I want to do after I filled out each of the five senses with different things that I recognize about my special place the creek at my grandparents house is to come through and look for themes ok so the tall grass I’m going to highlight with the highlight tool green and I’m going to look for other things that talk about like the plants or the grass around the bank well the slick moss is growing in the water but that’s the plant it’s green so I’ll make that green too and the sharp tang of a stalk of grass I tasted that when I cheat on a piece of grass and then the pungent aroma of rotting leaves and the water under the bridge yeah I remember that smell it’s not grasp but grass is so grasses and leaves are similar so I’ll make that green too and then I talked about how I see the moss flowing in the current underwater so there’s our my green things from all my senses I didn’t have a sound of anything about the plants but maybe your story does I repeated this idea with another theme so next idea was cool water flowing over my bare feet since waters blue I decided it’d be fun to make it blue too then I went looking for other things like that and even with in touch i felt like i had the idea of these rocks in the water itself so i’m basically describing the properties of the creek itself and taste i had the minerals in the creek water so like how the water tasted had to do with the really microscopic minerals buried inside you know floating inside the water and then way down here and sound i could hear the sound of the water that flowed over the rocks so here are all the things that have to do with water now i’m going to skip ahead i took all the green things and i copied and pasted them together this is what I ended up with the feel of the tall grass near the bank the slick moss growing up growing on a rock in the creek the sharp tang of a stock of grass as I chew it to a pull the pungent aroma of rotting leaves and the water under the bridge the waving moss flowing in the current underwater and it sounds really poetic but all I did was focus on each of my senses and after I got done with five for each one I kind of cheated here I did three but I need five four touch I went through and I sorted them out like i color-coded them so i could organize them more easily and after i organized them it sounds like a poem but i don’t want it to sound like a poem that’s where editing is going to come in however it’s much more clear to me now that i’ve done some prewriting that how i could organize this into a paragraph so that’s the next step and that is how you get started on this imagery exercise taking you all the way through step 4 now it’s up to you to take all of your take all your coding and maybe you want to use ones at two is not greens and blues but take all the things labeled 1 and use them to draft a paragraph about theme same thing with all your twos threes and so forth you may notice some details need to be left out and that’s okay in fact it’s good if you do leave some behind because you’re sacrificing the better ideas for the best ideas now take a look at your separate paragraphs and how they fit together after you’ve done some editing talk with a partner about the about your place and let them read your paragraphs you can do this in google docs really easily what order should they go in do you need intro how about a conclusion what about a transition or abridging or bridging language to get from one paragraph to the next and that should get you down to step 7 you guys the whole point of this is for us to develop imagery and tone and to recognize that we are in charge of our authors choice when and what to include and what to leave out we’re going to leave these sorts of comments for each other when we peer at it later that does it for this tutorial

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