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Double Entry Accounting System Meaning, Explained, Examples – Wedding Travel & Location

Double Entry Accounting System Meaning, Explained, Examples

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About Double Entry Accounting System Meaning, Explained, Examples


In 2012, she started Pocket Protector Bookkeeping, a virtual bookkeeping and managerial accounting service for small businesses. Income accounts represent the various types of monies received from different sources, such as interest or investment income or revenue gained from the sale of goods or services. Double-entry bookkeeping has been in use for at least hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Accounting has played a fundamental role in business, and thus in society, for centuries due to the necessity of recording transactions between parties. When an employee works for hourly wages, the company’s account Wages Expense is increased and its liability account Wages Payable is increased. When the employee is paid, the account Wages Payable is decreased and Cash is decreased.

Unlike single-entry accounting, which requires only that you post a transaction into a ledger, double-entry tracks both sides of each transaction you enter. Usually, when you think of debit or credit in real life is different compared to debit or credit in accounting. In fact, debit does not mean that you have a debt to be paid back; neither credit means that you have money to receive. Born in 1494, when a Venetian Merchant, Luca Pacioli, in his “Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionailta”, described for the first time the double entry-system. This practical manual gave official birth to a system that is still used in current accounting. A debit refers to an entry on the left side of an account, and a credit refers to an entry on the right side of an account.

Most Firms Choose the Double-Entry Approach

The simple table above shows us that there was one double entry accounting meaning made by Company A, however as the new vehicle was bought for cash, there were two corresponding entries. Knowing the true cost of products and services is crucial for product planning, pricing, and strategy. Traditional costing sometimes gives misleading estimates of these costs.

What are the three double-entry accounting rules?

  • Debit is written to the left, credit on the right.
  • Every debit must have a corresponding credit.
  • Debit receives the benefit, and credit gives the benefit.

Gains → The gains account is non-core to the operations of a company, but provides a positive effect, e.g. sale of an asset for a net profit. Double entry refers to a system of bookkeeping that is one of the most important foundational concepts in accounting. When a company’s software prepares a check, the software will automatically reduce the Cash account.

Example 1: Business Purchases Using Credit

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