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What is an editor?

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About What is an editor?

What is an editor?

The editor is a jack of all trades. He can either work on a narrow project or run entire publishing houses.

Average salary: 33,500 rubles per month

Profession rating

Demand 63% Payability 52% Competition 61% Entry barrier 62% Perspectives 68%

An editor is a specialist who checks, corrects and compiles the content of a publication or broadcast.


HistoryDescriptionSpecialties and universitiesDutiesWho suitsHow much getHow to get a jobCareerPerspectives


A certain semblance of editing existed even in the days of handwritten books, when the correctness of copying was checked when copying texts and corrections were made in accordance with the opinion of the scribe. A typical example is the Old Russian chronicles, which included those events that the chronicler considered important, regardless of their real significance.

With the invention of printing, the role of editors began to be played first by typographers who checked the correctness of typed texts, and then by representatives of the church, who looked for signs of heresy in books of civilian content. As soon as the publication of books, magazines and newspapers became widespread, special officials appeared who ordered the authors to make changes for ideological reasons. To avoid this kind of hassle, publishers began hiring staff members to review material to be published and to shape editorial policy. At the same time, the factual, speech and stylistic flaws were corrected.

Gradually, editing acquired a specialization in the branches of publishing. In Soviet times, however, the editors again became de facto censors: because of their conclusions, many books that did not correspond to official policy were not published. Some internal censorship functions are nevertheless necessary: ​​every publication must check the published materials for compliance with the laws of the country.


Depending on the field of activity, editors are:

literary: their duty is to prepare a book for publication, making corrections, but not distorting the author’s intention and manner of writing. The work of literary editors is the aerobatics of editing;technical: they provide a high printing quality of the publication. It is thanks to them that the reader receives a beautiful and easy-to-read text.artistic, or bild-editors: they are responsible for the design of the publication for all images used in the publication – both for their quality and for compliance with the originals, as well as with legal norms;scientific: such editors are always narrow specialists in some area of ​​knowledge. The presence of a scientific editor is a guarantee of the reliability of information and an indicator of the authority of the publication;

The twentieth century added film, TV and Internet editors to this classification. The latter often combines the functions of all traditional specialties.

Directions, specialties and educational institutions by training profile

In order to become an editor, one should apply for training in the specialty “Publishing and Editing” (030901). It is available in the programs of 24 Russian universities. But you can choose one of the specialties related to philology and text processing. It: 

journalism,linguistics,literary creativity, etc.

Almost all of these specialties require a specialized exam in literature. Less often they ask for a foreign language. To enter the budget, you will also need good results in state exams in Russian language and mathematics.

Dzhakupova C.C.

Member of the Laboratory of Corpus Linguistics, National Research University Higher School of Economics. Author of scientific publications in linguistics.

Online course of preparation for the December composition and the USE composition, grade 11

30 lessons

6 compositions

220 ₽ / hour

Sign up

Shklyaeva E.L.

Candidate of Philology, Unified State Exam expert, teacher of the highest category.

Preparation course for the test part of the exam in Russian, grade 11

20 lessons

26 test tasks

300 ₽ / hour

Sign up

Trushin B.V.

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, member of the jury of the All-Union School of Education.

Preparation course for the exam in mathematics, grade 11 part B

30 lessons

273 ₽ / hour

Sign up

Also, in every major regional center of the Russian Federation there is a university or college offering education in these specialties. The most prestigious are rightfully considered:

Moscow State University,Russian State University for the Humanities,North Caucasus Federal University,Saint Petersburg State University.

Professional responsibilities

The editor is perhaps the busiest person in any publication. He must daily:

edit the received manuscripts, working directly with the authors: suggest ways to improve the structure of the text, clarify the factual component, correct errors, agree on all changes and sometimes – persuade the author to accept the edits;participate in the preparation of contracts with authors;review newly received materials, deciding whether they will go into work or should be rejected;write justified refusals when the manuscript is rejected;discuss the layout of the publication together with the art and technical editors,to sign manuscripts for production and proofread copies.

Who is this profession suitable for?

The profession of an editor is a very specific type of activity. To become a good editor, you need the following qualities.

Excellent command of the word: the editor must write well for the author to believe him.Sociability: the profession involves constant communication with authors, customers, owners of publications and subordinates. A good editor knows how to find an approach to everyone – this is the key to the successful work of the team.Organizational skills: the editor assigns responsibilities to the team. He organizes all work processes and monitors their implementation.Analytical mindset: In this job, it is important to be able to analyze the situation and the material received.Broad erudition: it will allow you to assess the actual accuracy of the manuscript from the first pages.Knowledge of business etiquette and negotiation skills: the editor works with people, he often has to point them out to them. This unpleasant task must be solved correctly and on the basis of a compromise.Creativity: the profession is as creative as possible.Responsibility: the fate of the publication depends on the punctuality of the editor and his ability to plan the workflow.Emotional stability: the editor is often offended and unfair to him, but under no circumstances should he lose his cool.Optimism: The editor is responsible for the emotional state of the team. He is an irreplaceable employee of every publication, who not only leads, but also inspires.


The profession of an editor is considered to be in high demand. my hero essay ideas Printed publications and Internet resources are constantly evolving. This stimulates the emergence of new projects that need competent editing.

In these conditions, build editors are becoming very popular: they relieve Internet publications, first of all, from problems with law enforcement agencies. Checking the image for compliance with copyright and model rights, for compliance with the law on countering extremist activities is a necessary condition that saves a resource from the threat of closure and from large fines.

Income of editors

The editor’s earnings directly depend on the number of projects. So, full-time specialists earn on average from 23 to 55 thousand rubles a month. A good editor in a large publication can count on an individual salary.

Is it easy to get a job

In order to get a job in the staff of a well-known publishing house, you need to wait for the corresponding vacancy, but this may not happen: there is a large staff of employees who already have work experience and know its specifics. More often, editors are required for Internet projects. Therefore, it is more rational to start looking for a place with freelance exchanges.

It is advisable to have an example of successful editing in your portfolio. But this does not exclude the possibility that at the interview they may be offered to complete a test task necessary to test literacy and qualifications for compliance with the stated requirements.

As a rule, the work of the editor in this case is remote, and this allows you to maintain several projects. However, even print media are increasingly accepting applicants from other regions.

How a career is usually built

The work of an editor is already a great achievement for any journalist. The peak of the career of such a specialist is the position of editor-in-chief, but it is available only in major media.


The main perspective of the profession is the opportunity to start your own business in the media. Usually, former editors are expected to be successful, because over the years they have built up a lot of useful contacts.

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