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Types of Literature Review Which is Used in a Dissertation

Posted By: Sophiekells

About Types of Literature Review Which is Used in a Dissertation


The literature review is the guidance and base for a dissertation. It plays an important role to outline the plan for the dissertation. It is the second chapter of the dissertation commonly but the literature review help is needed exactly after finalizing the title of the dissertation. The literature review guides the researcher to make up their mind about the specific topic and know more about the specific key terms used in the current study plan.

The blog has introduced the importance of a literature review for the dissertation. The blog has discussed the various common types of literature reviews for dissertations with some specific features. It has thrown light on the importance of the specific literature review category according to the needs of the dissertation. The blog ended with final words, to sum up, important opinions from the whole discussion.

What are the Types of Literature Reviews?

The literature review is divided into four types according to the requirements of the specific dissertation methodology help. The type of literature review may also depend upon the category of dissertation methodology. They are named as under:

  1. Traditional literature review
  2. Systematic literature review
  3. Meta-analysis literature review
  4. Meta-synthesis literature review

They are discussed in detail one by one as under:

1. Traditional literature review

A traditional literature review is the most commonly used literature review. It is probably the simplest form of literature review practice which is dominant in use in most of the studies. It involves the inquiry from the previous literature regarding the specific topic of study (Kraus, Mahto and Walsh, 2021). It may weigh the previous studies’ literature gap by reviewing the keywords and contrasting the data for the current study plan. The method is liked by researchers for its easiness and simplicity.

It is also known as a narrative literature review because it is continuity with the previous studies which is identifying the literature gap. In addition, it is also investigating the topic for the current era so the literature gap could be covered excellently. The professional approach helps streamline the inquiry and apply the best possible use of previous academic studies. It is helpful both for the primary and secondary research methods.

2. Systematic literature review

A systematic literature review is a specific kind of literature study which claims to use systematic methodology. The literature review develops a table to align the set of studies. It continues with the review of the specific studies by analyzing their value in the current study. According to Kraus, Mahto, and Walsh (2021), the systematic review table is comprised of the author’s name and year of publication, publication title, objective and results of publication. This depicts a comprehensive and critical picture of the specific study in the cohorts of the systematic literature review table.

The systematic literature review continues by critically evaluating the themes from the literature practice and ensuring its applications in the current study. It discusses studies one by one and then compares some of them to reach the final consensus. The table is comprised of specific studies demonstrated by the help of the Prisma diagram this is why the relevance of the studies is sure for the current study plan. It may employ both, qualitative and quantitative studies to compile the literature for the current discussion.

3. Meta-analysis literature review

A meta-analysis literature review is another kind of systematic literature review. It is different from the systematic review because it considers one study at a time. It discusses the specific study in the framework of the current discussion. Then it compares that study with the other ones. In this manner, it matches and contrasts the opinions of both studies (The assignment help, 2022). It is helpful because it is a critical evaluation of the available literature to continue the discussion in the context of the current analysis.

It is also known as the quantitative design of the literature review. It weighs the comparison of the two studies at a time and discusses it in depth. In this manner, it leads to the support features to ensure the reliability of the two studies. The comparison may also lead to raising some new questions that are to be answered in the current study. The meta-analysis is known as a well-organized and properly presented literature review practice.

4. Meta-synthesis literature review

Meta-synthesis study is also a category of a systematic review of the literature. It is comprised of a specific set of studies that are discussing the main opinions from the chosen two main studies. The two are compared and contrasted with the claim that they will be adding more information to the current analysis. The meta-synthesis prefers the use of qualitative studies. This is why it is based on the quality concern for the new study as compared to quantity.

Meta-synthesis is conducting the process of literature review by seeing the major findings and applying them to the current need for discussion. It frames the major opinions to analyse the importance of the previous studies under discussion for the current set of evaluations. It employs the emphasis on qualitative studies and prefers them over a quantitative set of studies available for the same topic. It weighs the comparison and sums up special points for the current study.

Final words

It has been reviewed from the various types of literature review for the dissertation that they are important but according to the needs of the study. It is important to identify at the start which kind of literature review is needed for the dissertation under practice. In this manner, the researcher will have to develop a potential foothold and make sure that the study is on the right path. The role of the literature review is like a base of a building that ensures reliability in the long run. The blog has discussed four types of literature reviews along with the specific features and needs for the specific categories of studies. However, it is concluded that the traditional method of the literature review is always helpful to set the picture of the dissertation.


Kraus, S., Mahto, R.V. and Walsh, S.T., 2021. The importance of literature reviews in small business and entrepreneurship research. Journal of Small Business Management, pp.1-12.

The assignment help, 2022. Literature review help and writing services. [Online] Available at [Accessed on 4 October 4, 2022]

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