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This should set self-healing powers in motion

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About This should set self-healing powers in motion

This should set self-healing powers in motion

What is homeopathy? The basic homeopathic principles

In addition to the principle of similarity, homeopathic drug testing, potentization and prescription in individual homeopathic remedies form the basic principles of homeopathy. The drug proving is carried out on healthy people. This means: certain substances are administered in low doses and all physical, mental and emotional changes are documented. Homeopathic remedies are mostly obtained from plants and minerals, but also from mushrooms, metals, animals, pathogens and poisons.

The potencies: the highly diluted starting material

In homeopathy, less is more. Potentiating means to strongly dilute the starting substance. Homeopathic teaching assumes that the higher the dilution, the greater the effectiveness. With decimal potentiation (D-exponentiation), the starting solution is diluted by a factor of 10 with each dilution step. With the centesimal potentiation (C-exponentiation) by a factor of 100. The number after the exponentiation letter indicates how often the starting material was diluted. D3 was diluted three times by a factor of 10, i.e. 1000 times.

The potentiation in homeopathy is repeatedly criticized. How is a drug supposed to help if it contains little or nothing of the original substance? Many alternative physicians and patients are nevertheless convinced of the effect. One possible explanation is the intensive therapeutic exchange with the homeopath, who gives plenty of room for problem solving – this doctor-patient interaction can also trigger a placebo effect.

What is the placebo effect? Doctors call placebo a dummy drug that does not contain any pharmacologically active ingredients. It usually looks confusingly similar to a real drug (e.g. a tablet). Under "Placebo effect" Doctors summarize effects that result from simply administering a drug and believing that it would help. (Source:

How does homeopathy work?

The aim of homeopathy is to use the right stimuli to activate the body so that it heals itself. This happens because the patient receives a remedy that reflects his illness. This should set self-healing powers in motion. Many of their followers include homeopathy among the stimulation and regulation therapies. The similarity principle explains why there should often be a short-term worsening of the symptoms (initial worsening) at the beginning of treatment. For the homeopathic therapist, this is a sign that the healing process is beginning.

When is homeopathy used?

Homeopathic medicines are used for both acute and chronic complaints. They are used for infections, for example against colds or bladder infections. Homeopathy is also used for allergies, indigestion, joint pain, sleep disorders, migraines and stress.

What are the limits of homeopathy?

But as well as the alternative healing method helps many, it should not form the basis of treatment for serious illnesses from the point of view of conventional medicine. For example with those that require surgical intervention. Homeopathy cannot help even with very advanced diseases with irreversible damage. Self-healing can only take place where self-healing is possible. A healing success can only occur if the organs are still functional and important regulatory mechanisms of the body are functioning. Homeopathy cannot heal damaged organs and cannot replace intensive care measures.

Who can treat homeopathically?

Homeopathy can be used in addition to conventional medicine to achieve a placebo effect. Not only naturopaths are allowed to treat homeopathically. Many doctors have completed additional training as homeopaths and combine conventional medicine and homeopathy. Not all health insurances cover the cost of homeopathic therapy. Before starting treatment, you should check with your own health insurance company. Those who pay themselves must expect around 50 euros for an hour of treatment.

Classical homeopathy and clinical homeopathy: the differences

Homeopathy is divided into two schools: classical homeopathy and clinical homeopathy. In classical homeopathy, the drug is not selected based solely on the symptoms of the disease, but rather on the individual clinical picture. The entire constitution of the patient is taken into account. The drug that best suits the patient’s symptoms and other characteristics is administered. It also means that two people can have completely different headache remedies. And that the same headache remedy can also help with sleep problems or nausea. In classical homeopathy, it is important to only administer individual remedies to the patient. This means that the drug consists of a single starting substance. It is usually administered in the form of globules.

Clinical homeopathy focuses primarily on the diseased organ when selecting the remedy. As a result, it is far less individual than classic homeopathy and is more closely linked to conventional medicine. In addition to individual agents, complex agents are also administered, i.e. preparations that are made up of different substances.

Do homeopathics have side effects?

According to the Association of Classic Homeopaths in Germany (VKHD), homeopathic remedies, provided they are taken in accordance with the rules of classic homeopathy, have no side effects. Therefore, they are also suitable for the treatment of pregnant women and babies. However, if the funds are improperly prescribed or taken in an uncontrolled manner over a long period of time, undesirable consequences can be expected.

The funds themselves are subject to regular controls. All homeopathic preparations are pharmacy-only according to the German Medicines Act. Before they can be sold, the homeopathic medicines, just like conventional medicines, are officially checked by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM).


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Fractures tend to heal faster in children than in adults. But there is one weak point to watch out for. This is also susceptible to long-term stress.

Sport and exercise are very important for children in order to improve coordination, flexibility and strength and to strengthen their immune system as well as their heart and circulation. However, the Society for Orthopedic Traumatological Sports Medicine (GOTS) reports that intensive training with recurring movement patterns can affect the growth of individual limbs.

Compressive loads tend to inhibit growth

Compressive loads on the growth plates tend to inhibit growth, stretching movements stimulate it. The professional association gives two examples: In gymnasts, an early wear of the distal growth plate of the spoke is observed, as a result of which the forearm can be shortened. In contrast to tennis: Here the movements stimulate the joints in the flapping arm, which can lead to an elongation.

Size calculation formulas: how big will my child get? Growing Pains: Does Growing Really Hurt? No cow’s milk: do children grow less when they eat soy drinks?

In general, the growth plates that are still open in children are a weak point. They cannot only be damaged by chronic stress, such as constant training. It could also be affected by breaks or contusions. One possible consequence of such a trauma injury is that parts of the joint close – which can lead to incorrect growth. In order for this to be recognized at an early stage, injured growth plates should be checked closely.

Sources used: dpa news agency

There have been and are a number of different measures that are intended to contain the spread of Corona. But it is usually difficult to say how great the effect achieved in each case is. A study offers clues.

Seven important rules of conduct in the Corona period
Photo series with 7 pictures

A ban on gatherings for more than ten people and the closure of schools and universities from January to May were probably the most effective measures to contain the corona pandemic. This emerges from a study of various government interventions in public life in 41 countries.

Closing all shops except the essential ones had only a moderate effect, and the requirement to stay at home had little additional effect. The study by an international research group led by Jan Brauner from the University of Oxford (Great Britain) is in the journal "Science" published.

Study on corona measures: This is how the researchers proceeded

On the one hand, the scientists used the number of cases and the number of people who died of Covid-19, which the Coronavirus Resource Center of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (Maryland, USA) collects daily. Using a computer model, they put these figures in relation to individual measures against the spread of the disease, as have been taken in 34 European and seven non-European countries. The researchers measured effectiveness by reducing the reproductive number R, which was 3.3 without government intervention.

The fact that the individual measures were decided at different times in the different countries helped the researchers to calculate the effect of the individual regulations. "If all countries performed the same non-pharmaceutical interventions on the same day, the individual effects of each non-pharmaceutical intervention would not be apparent", write the study authors. Because schools and universities were closed at the same time in almost all countries, the effect of these measures could not be calculated individually, but only as an additional effect.

When "very effective" Brauner and colleagues describe a measure when the calculated median value for the reduction in the number of reproductions is over 35 percent. This is the case with the ban on gathering for more than ten people and the closure of schools and universities. There are big differences between the countries. As a result, the effect of the ban on assembly is in the range of 17 to 60 percent, and in the case of schools and universities being closed in the range of 16 to 54 percent.

"Strong effect of school closings"

The bans on assembly resulted in moderate effects for more than 100 people (34 percent) and more than 1,000 people (23 percent). The same applies to the closing of facilities that are considered to be high-risk with regard to the pandemic, such as restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas and gyms (18 percent). The ban on opening was somewhat more effective for everyone except essential businesses (27 percent). The effect of the requirement to leave the house only for a few permitted activities could not be determined individually. As an additional measure to the others mentioned, their effect was only 13 percent.

The virologist Christian Drosten from the Berlin Charité mentions an important finding from the study on Twitter: "Strong effect of school closings". At the same time, however, he points out that other studies do not find any effects of school closings.

Shop or local ?: Corona infection risk – Here it is increased protection against Corona: These groups may not be vaccinated More and more Corona patients: This is the situation in the intensive care units

The study’s authors suggest that the uncertainties in their modeling are not small, but they write: "While the exact effectiveness estimates vary with the model assumptions, the general conclusions are largely stable under 206 experimental conditions in eleven sensitivity analyzes."

Sources used: dpa news agency

The paleo diet is limited to foods that were available as early as the Stone Age. Grains and dairy products, for example, are taboo. Which foods you are allowed to eat on the Stone Age diet.


Paleo Diet: These foods are allowed1. Paleo shopping list: vegetables2. Paleo shopping list: fruit3. Paleo shopping list: meat, fish, eggs 4. Paleo shopping list: nuts and seeds5. Paleo Shopping List: Drinks Criticism of the Paleo Diet Paleo Diet: Healthy or Unhealthy?

The followers of the Paleo diet eat like our ancestors, the Stone Age people. In the Stone Age diet, industrially produced food is avoided. 

Paleo Diet: These foods are allowed

Food on plates: A grocery list is extremely useful when starting the paleo diet. (Source: marilyna / Getty Images)

The following foods are on the menu of the Paleo diet:


Everything that was added through agriculture and cattle breeding is avoided: sugar, grain products and thus rice, corn, bread, pasta, flour or muesli, milk and thus yoghurt or butter. In addition, potatoes and legumes such as lentils or soy should be avoided.

1. Paleo shopping list: vegetables

Fresh vegetables: These foods will keep you full. (Source: fcafotodigital / Getty Images)

Different types of vegetables are paleo foods that you can usually eat safely if you follow the Stone Age diet. Because fresh vegetables are unprocessed and already existed in the Stone Age.

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