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The uvea is the skin of the eye – Wedding Travel & Location

The uvea is the skin of the eye

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About The uvea is the skin of the eye

The uvea is the skin of the eye

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The lateral cord angina is a particularly unpleasant variant of the pharynx. A severe sore throat that can spread to under the ears are typical signs. You can find out how to recognize and treat the disease here.


SymptomsTreatment with home remediesTherapy with antibioticsSide cord angina contagious?

A lateral cord angina (angina lateralis), unlike angina (inflammation of the tonsils), occurs relatively rarely. This form of throat inflammation mainly affects the lymphatic ducts (side cords) that run from top to bottom on both sides of the throat.

Often the lateral cord angina is the result of a cold. The already weakened defenses of the pharynx are particularly susceptible to pathogens such as cold viruses or bacteria. These can affect the throat and spread and multiply in the throat area.

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Did you know that? The risk of a lateral cord angina is particularly high in people who have already had their tonsils removed. The natural protective function of the almonds, which can keep pathogens away, is lost.

Lateral cord angina: typical symptoms

If, in addition to a sore throat and difficulty swallowing, there are severe pain that radiates into the ear or the jaw, this can be an indication of the disease. In contrast to tonsillitis, the lateral cord angina spreads over the entire neck cavity.

Typical symptoms of the side cord angina include:

Sore throat, which is often concentrated on one side and can even reach into the ear Difficulty swallowing Obsessional throat, swollen lymph nodes, reddened throat, white specks in the throat area, headache and body aches, fever, general weakness and fatigue

In mild cases: treatment with home remedies

In mild cases, a lateral cord angina heals on its own after a few days without special therapy. In the event of illness, you should take it easy and drink a lot. You can also treat a lateral cord angina with home remedies such as warm throat compresses and lozenges.

Inhalation and chamomile tea can also relieve symptoms. If you have severe swallowing difficulties, especially in combination with a fever, you can also use pain relievers such as paracetamol for therapy.

In severe cases: therapy with antibiotics

If after a few days your attempts at treatment do not bring about relief from symptoms, it is better to see a doctor. This takes a swab of the lining of the throat to find out which pathogen caused the inflammation. The use of antibiotics may be required. If antibiotic therapy is delayed too long, abscesses or otitis media can develop.

Is a Seitenstrangangina Contagious?

The lateral cord angina is contagious, depending on whether the doctor can detect pathogens during the smear. When treated with home remedies, this is usually the case five days after the onset of the disease. In the case of treatment with antibiotics, after two days.

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The transmission generally takes place via a droplet infection, i.e. by coughing and sneezing, from person to person. It does not matter whether the lateral cord angina was triggered by viruses or bacteria – there is always a risk of infection.

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Many shy away from going to the ophthalmologist. Experts recommend regular early diagnosis examinations from the age of 40. Because there are some eye diseases that can even lead to blindness. So also the relatively unknown eye inflammation uveitis. You should watch out for these symptoms.

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Red eyes and sensitive to light

The eye is slightly reddened or the pupils appear unevenly large and those affected feel slightly dazzled: "At first glance, these may seem like little things"says Dr. med. Dietlind Friedrich from the professional association of ophthalmologists in Germany.argumentative essay about social media However, the expert advises that you consult an ophthalmologist immediately if you experience such symptoms. Because behind this could be a dangerous eye disease, known as uveitis. If the disease becomes chronic, in the worst case it can lead to blindness. This is why the ophthalmological diagnosis is particularly important.

The disease often goes undetected

The uvea is the skin of the eye. It includes the iris, the radiating body and the choroid at the fundus. Uveitis is a series of inflammations inside the eye in which this vascular skin is involved. Although it is estimated that around half a million Germans suffer from such inflammation, uveitis is relatively unknown. Distinguishing signs are a reddened eye, an uncomfortable feeling of pressure, increased tearing and restricted vision. Uveitis can be unilateral or bilateral, acute or chronic, it can occur once or it can be repeated in episodes. In some cases, however, the inflammation progresses with deterioration in vision and without painful symptoms. Then it usually remains undetected for a longer period of time.

Beware of these pre-existing conditions

Some forms of uveitis are caused by bacteria and viruses, such as tuberculosis or herpes, fungi or parasites. The inflammation can also arise from an immunological reaction following an infection that has already subsided, for example after a diarrheal illness. Autoimmune uveitis can also occur in the context of certain pre-existing conditions that affect all age groups. These include rheumatism, psoriasis, chronic intestinal diseases (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), ankylosing spondylitis and sarcoid. A "Red eye" should not be played down in connection with these previous illnesses. "Then regular examinations by the ophthalmologist are mandatory"says Dietlind Friedrich. "In rheumatism, the inflammation is often active even without any external signs and thus imperceptibly threatens the eyesight"explains the ophthalmologist. In 80 percent, however, the cause remains unknown. In these cases, scientists suspect that the immune system falsely recognizes the body’s own protein structures in the eye as foreign and combats them.

Treatment with antibiotics or cortisone

Since vascular skin inflammation is a typical concomitant disease of inflammatory diseases of the spine, certain medical specialties should work together in the treatment of uveitis, for example internists, rheumatologists and ophthalmologists. If an infectious cause for the uveitis can be identified, specific, e.g. treated with an antibiotic and the inflammation reduced by simultaneous local administration of cortisone. If the cause is unclear, cortisone is used to reduce inflammation and prevent complications.

Complications can lead to blindness

In many patients, the uveitis goes away with the cortisone therapy and those affected remain symptom-free. In some patients, the inflammation cannot be adequately controlled, or the required dose of cortisone would permanently damage the eye. Complications that can lead to dangerous consequential damage then occur more frequently, especially with a chronic course of the disease. These include adhesions between the iris and the lens, increased intraocular pressure (glaucoma) or clouded eye lenses (cataract). The accumulation of calcium in the cornea (band keratopathy) and the development of what is known as macular edema (water retention at the point of sharpest vision) can also be the result of uveitis. These complications ultimately lead to blindness.

Many people are familiar with deep back pain. They are often ignored or dismissed as harmless tension in the muscles. But behind it there can be a serious rheumatic disease. Ankylosing spondylitis begins in 80 percent of patients before the age of 30. Over 140,000 people in Germany suffer from inflammatory skeletal disease. We clarify what’s behind it

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A painful spinal disease

Bechterew’s disease is an inflammatory and very painful spinal disease. It is chronic and is the second most common inflammatory skeletal disease after rheumatoid arthritis. Bechterew’s disease can stiffen the joints of the thoracic and lumbar spine as well as the sacrum and iliac joints. This is due to an inflammation of the vertebral joints. In the worst case and mostly in the terminal stage, the disease leads to complete stiffening. The consequences: a leaned forward posture and a frozen chest that makes breathing difficult.

At the beginning the complaints are unspecific

The disease often begins at a young age, in 80 percent before the age of 30, in women usually even earlier. Men have a higher risk of developing the inflammatory rheumatic disease. At the beginning the symptoms are unspecific and are therefore often misinterpreted. However, there are some symptoms that can indicate ankylosing spondylitis: Pain in the lumbar and buttock region, which often occurs at night and in the morning. Morning stiffness in the limbs that lasts for a long time can also be an indication of the disease. It is also typical of the disease that the pain decreases with movement and worsens when you rest. A rheumatologist should therefore always be consulted so that a correct diagnosis can be made. Recognize signs of rheumatism at an early stage

The disease progresses in phases

Not only the spine, but also other joints that are outside the body axis, such as tendon attachments, internal organs, but also eyes can be affected by the disease. Patients suffering from ankylosing spondylitis also often suffer from iris inflammation in the eye. The disease progresses in phases and varies from patient to patient. There are phases in which those affected feel relatively comfortable and phases in which severe pain with a fever can occur.

Therapies can relieve the pain

Bechterew’s disease is associated with pain and primarily affects the mobility of those affected. Targeted physiotherapy can help. However, therapists emphasize that the exercises must be done consistently and over the long term. Often times, pain prevents movement. Anti-inflammatory drugs can help alleviate them. However, there are other therapeutic options that can slow down the course of the disease.

Recognize rheumatism symptoms early: These symptoms show the disease What is good for you and what is harmful: The right diet for Bechterew’s disease Correctly interpreting symptoms: Symptoms for Bechterew’s disease are initially unspecific

Warmth promotes blood circulation and alleviates stiffness

Heat and cold therapy, which is also used for rheumatism, relieves pain and stiffness because it promotes blood circulation. Radon therapy helped other patients. This treatment takes place with the radioactive noble gas radon. In the case of severe pain, cortisone-like drugs can also be used, but not in the long term, as side effects are to be feared. If the patient is completely stiffened, an operation can also be carried out to enable the person affected to walk upright again.

While its causes are so far unknown, nowadays doctors can narrow down the triggers of neurodermatitis relatively clearly. Nevertheless, each patient has to find out individually for himself what causes the strongest symptoms.

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Causes of Neurodermatitis: Genetically Anchored

As unclear as the exact causes of neurodermatitis are, one thing is for sure: the skin disease, which manifests itself as dryness and severe itching, is hereditary. According to the "pharmacy magazine" a child is more than 60 percent likely to develop eczema if both parents are affected. Dermatologist Dr. However, Bettina Prinz emphasizes in the magazine that a genetic predisposition alone does not make you sick, but initially only makes you susceptible. She sees the actual cause of neurodermatitis in an interplay of various factors and environmental influences. (Preventing neurodermatitis: diet and lifestyle)

Dry skin as a trigger for neurodermatitis

The typical trigger of atopic dermatitis is initially dry skin: The lack of certain proteins means that only little protective calluses are formed and the skin surface quickly dries out and its protective function declines. This makes them more prone to injury, irritation and irritation – and also allergens.

The allergens can in turn cause externally visible skin inflammation. They trigger a defensive overreaction of the body. Certain foods, dust mites, animal hair or pollen are responsible. While these are safe for most people, in some cases the immune system is overly sensitive. The body makes antibodies that are directed against the allergens.

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