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The building no longer has a function for ThyssenKrupp. – Wedding Travel & Location

The building no longer has a function for ThyssenKrupp.

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About The building no longer has a function for ThyssenKrupp.

The building no longer has a function for ThyssenKrupp.

A lot of jewelry and accessories should be avoided in the combination.

Transparent look shouldn’t look sporty

The rocky look is ideal for the evening: a noble silk organza blouse with leather pants, leather shorts or elegant black cloth pants, possibly combined with a black blazer. Heel shoes are an absolute must for the elegant transparent look.

Sneakers suit younger, slim women who wear the mesh top with a short skirt. A no-go is to wear the tops and shirts with sporty clothes, because that has nothing to do with the trendy city look.

Especially brave people leave the bra out

The bare skin should always appear under the airy parts. Thörl-Schultz recommends either nude or tone-on-tone as the color for the bra. Even if the net shirts are not for the beach, colorful bikini tops are also ideal to wear underneath. "In some collections, black transparent blouses without a bra were also shown with an evening blazer" says the personal shopper. But this style is only for the particularly brave.

Fabrics have to look high quality

Ultimately, it is entirely up to the wearer how much skin she wants to show under her transparent top. Women who are dissatisfied with their tummy can, for example, wear a top underneath. A good fit and high quality of the fabrics are the most important things in the transparent trend anyway. Synthetic fiber, for example, can quickly look cheap and thus take away the desired elegance from the look.

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Crochet inserts provide subtle transparency

If you want to hide certain body areas or have a stronger body structure, you don’t have to do without the transparent trend. Knitted or crocheted inserts conjure up transparency in a subtle way, such as on the arms. Even tops made of coarse-meshed knitwear are perfect for larger sizes, because the bra shimmers through here, but not every curve of the body.

A man builds his monument: because his wife would not tolerate the real, old metal motorcycle in the living room, a hobbyist from Schleswig-Holstein copied his Yamaha – from more than 5000 wooden parts. After twelve years, the wooden motorcycle is almost ready. And now he is playing with the idea of ​​selling the bike, he revealed to

Wooden motorcycle
Photo series with 8 pictures

This is true motorcycle love: hobbyist Andre Schlosser has built his Yamaha out of wood – in 4000 working hours. Schlosser still needs 100 hours to finish the final details, according to the biker’s forecast. The man from Nienborstel in Schleswig-Holstein has become more and more involved in his project over the past twelve years. "I was sometimes up to my ankles in dust in my garage" says the 46-year-old. Now his wooden motorcycle of the type Yamaha FZR 600R Aral Cup is almost finished – everything by hand and on a scale of 1: 1.

His wife’s veto

It all started with a veto from his wife. "I wanted to put my motorcycle in the living room because I no longer rode it" says the long-time cabinet maker. In the end there was a compromise of a wooden model.

Numerous garage evenings followed with the Flex in hand. If a component failed, it ended up in the living room stove. "I’ve done a lot of things twice and three times." The chain, which consists of 430 individual parts, was a particular problem for Schlosser.

Everything inside is also true to the original

Ten angle grinders gave up their ghosts during the project. The more the wood machine took shape, the more detailed Schlosser became. Although not visible from the outside, there are also spark plugs made of wood inside the model. Further details show Schlosser’s ambition in his work: For example, the key in the wooden ignition lock can be turned.

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All the more astonishing how Schlosser proceeded with his wooden Yamaha: "I only took the rough measurements, the rest of the work was done by eye". >>

While the original weighs 160 kilograms, the model, which is largely made of spruce and beech wood, weighs 100 kilograms. The wooden motorcycle shouldn’t be in the living room: "I want others to see it" – maybe in a motorcycle museum.

Off to the museum or sale for 25,000 euros?

That’s why he has already contacted a museum in the USA, the motorcycle fan explained in an interview with Otherwise, he also plays with the idea of ​​selling the unique wood. "At around 25,000 euros I would get weak" confessed locksmith. But with all the work that would still mean a measly hourly wage of only 6.25 euros. And no matter who the new owner is – the unique item can only stand around. Under no circumstances can a motor be installed. The question remains what the hobbyist wants to tackle as a new project. However, Schlosser has not yet given any thought to that. You can see impressions of the Holz-Yamaha in our photo show.

Tidying up without taboos at ThyssenKrupp: In the course of his conversion course at the traditional Essen company, CEO Heinrich Hiesinger radically parted with the inheritance. After initially stabilizing the ailing company economically in the past few years, it is now also about symbols of the past. Whether real estate, company jet or hunting grounds – the manager is now pushing ahead with the separation of some cherished relics.

Luxury clearance sale
Photo series with 6 pictures

My yacht, my jet, my house – everything has to go. The most prominent example of the large real estate sale at the steel company is the former home of Krupp patriarch Berthold Beitz, who died in 2013 at the age of 99. A company spokeswoman reports that the villa built in the fifties in the noble suburb of Bredeney in Essen is for sale and is already being viewed by interested parties.

Separation from the yacht club

The red card was already given to the company’s own hunts and private jets. The Stahlkocher is also currently looking for a new owner for the noble Kiel Yacht Club. Kaiser Wilhelm II was already a member of the honorable club, he was one of the commodors, i.e. its chairman.

The club was bought by ThyssenKrupp in 2007 for 2.45 million euros. The clubhouse of the noble address is that today "Alfried Krupp House". In addition to the honorary citizen of Kiel Berthold Beitz, the then ThyssenKrupp CEO Ekkehard Schulz and the then Chairman of the Supervisory Board Gerhard Cromme also traveled personally to the rededication of the building.

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So now the luxury real estate. The former Beitz house alone in the best residential area in Essen could flush several million euros into the group’s coffers. According to calculations by "image"-Zeitung, the approximately three hectare property above Lake Baldeney is likely to have a value of at least ten million euros.

Even demolition is possible

The "Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung" had previously cited circles from the real estate industry, according to which one would also demolish the building, which is not a listed building, and use the property for construction "exclusive apartments" could imagine.

"If you want to preserve that, you can do it without a monument" said the head of the Essen monument preservation, Petra Beckers, to the discussion about protecting the building. The construction was "nice but nothing out of the ordinary". Now that the house is empty, nothing more reminds of the former occupant. The industrialist, who enjoyed a lifelong right to live in the house, had lived there for decades and also received numerous important personalities.

In the 2010 Beitz biography by Joachim Käppner it is said that the once modern flat-roof bungalow was built according to Beitz’s specifications after the then Krupp manager refused to move into a gloomy manufacturer’s villa offered as a domicile. The building no longer has a function for ThyssenKrupp. A spokeswoman said it was used exclusively for private purposes.

The Villa Hügel remains ThyssenKrupp wants to keep the memory of the past alive elsewhere. "For ThyssenKrupp, the place of remembrance and commemoration of Berthold Beitz and his work for the Group is the Villa Hügel and the foundation building" is it [called. Bertold Beitz was head of the Krupp Foundation, which is located on the grounds of the Krupp headquarters in Villa Hügel. The company had previously sold Bertha Krupp’s former home. Friedrich Alfred Krupp’s daughter grew up in Villa Hügel and later moved to the building near Hügelpark. She had lived there until her death in 1957. No suitable offer for the jet yet

The task of the Group’s numerous hunting grounds is largely complete. In the times of the economic boom, the old company patriarchs still arranged a lot of business there. Obviously, they don’t fit into today’s business world.

So far, the group has had a harder time with the planned sale of the company jet. This holdover from better days can apparently hardly be operated economically today. ThyssenKrupp has not yet received a suitable bid for this. You can see pictures of ThyssenKrupp in our photo show.

Anchors, animal heads and nerdy cartoon characters have graced many T-shirts for a long time. This summer too, motifs and sayings are back in fashion. In this way, the eye-catching trend parts are combined according to type.

"For women, motifs with sequins and rivets were and are still the most popular" says personal shopper Katrin Thörl-Schultz from Regensburg. These include, for example, sequin faces, photo images with rivets and stars in all variations.

Sequins and pearls enhance prints

Women between the ages of 25 and 50, in particular, strive to upgrade their day outfit with such glossy and glittery elements in order not to appear boring. Caroline Klein from the Association of German Fashion and Textile Designers (VDMD) also confirms this trend: "The print is decorated with sequins, beads, embroidery, sewing, a piece of fabric or flock."

According to Thörl-Schultz, a wide selection of floral motifs is new this summer – also with sequins. Rivets or sequins do not automatically conjure up a cool, casual look – the whole outfit has to be right.

Motif shirts go well with a casual style

Fashion consultant and personal shopper Andrea Lakeberg from Berlin recommends a mini leather skirt made of soft nappa leather and sneakers that reach over the ankle for the motif shirt. The combination with an open shirt and boyfriend trousers with high heeled sandals also goes well. Klein advises jeans or short pants: "I think that a good shirt can enhance many outfits."

The combination with a maxi skirt also looks nice. In this case the t-shirt must be cut short.

Prints with sayings should be carefully considered

With women, the trick is ultimately to present a shirt in a believable way, i.e. to stand behind the printed motifs or slogans.

It’s a little different in men’s fashion. "It’s also about fun, provocation or showing your attitude towards life" so Thörl-Schultz. "The choice of motifs reveals a lot of your personality".

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