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The 54-year-old said in an interview with radio B2 – Wedding Travel & Location

The 54-year-old said in an interview with radio B2

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About The 54-year-old said in an interview with radio B2

The 54-year-old said in an interview with radio B2

But it wasn’t, it’s as simple as that. We made a new album and are happy that we could record it as a-ha. Sometimes you make decisions that are meant to be permanent but aren’t. Making such decisions isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It shakes you awake and makes you think differently about things. In a way, it feels unnecessary that we broke up then. 

Harket: It was important. We were in a good position, we were a strong band, we were healthy and we had a lot of things to do. The other thing is that we’re the creative minds behind a-ha and we’ve had the freedom to do other things. This is not possible when you are working with a-ha at the same time. And then, as Pal said, if we feel like getting back together, what should stop us?

How are you preparing for your upcoming European tour?

Furuholmen: It’s a long and arduous process. To perfect something that can never be perfect. Five years ago we said, “” That’s it for us now “” and did this big farewell story and celebrated our career as a whole. This time we were looking for ways to add new elements to our show. Something that is not necessarily a pure celebration of the past, but something that also looks ahead. But there is always a discussion in the band about what works and what we’re going to do. We never really agree on such things.

Are you tired of playing the old hits like “” Take On Me “” or “” The Sun Always Shines On TV “” over and over again?

Harket: That can of course happen. But a song is something alive. You bring it to life whenever you play it.

What do you think of the Paris attacks? Are there any consequences that you will draw from this for your upcoming tour?

Furuholmen: What you can do is promise your French fans that you will come and play for them. That is the most sensible thing. We’re really excited to come to Paris and hopefully our fans there look forward to our show. We don’t want to disappoint them and we don’t want to be part of a fear culture. 

Harket: One thing is to have compassion for Paris after what happened. Another thing is to live in fear of what could happen in any city. You can’t live like that. Security is an illusion. Any plane can fall from the sky, any car can hit you. The whole point of terrorism is to destroy society or to break it apart from within. You just have to behave and be normal.

As an artist, how did you feel when you heard that a concert had been attacked?

Harket: It doesn’t make a difference if it’s that or a theater, a subway station or whatever. It’s always an attack on society wherever it takes place.

In the biography of the British singer Morrissey he describes how much he liked a-ha in the eighties and that he learned from you that – quote – “” Music does not always result from pain “”, as it probably does with him is. Is he right?

Waaktaar-Savoy: I think we wrote songs that were just as tragic as he did. We just put a smiley face on it. So we are even more tragic.

Furuholmen: Smiled, we’ve done that a lot in the past. We’ve been on numerous “” Smash Hits “” [a British teen pop music magazine, editor’s note. Red.] And grinned our asses off with the most tragic songs ever.

Harket: It really has to do with how we came across. I’ve actually read what he wrote about us before. He means it is positive that a-ha was a real band. His path to music was through pain. And then he saw us, the – as he says – healthy, good-looking guys with no problems in life who also make music. That probably made him write something like that.

You sang a Bond song called “The Living Daylights” in the eighties. What do you think of Sam Smith’s current “” Writing’s On The Wall “”?

Furuholmen: He’s undeniably a great singer. And the song was already considered a classic before it was even played on the radio. I have a lot of respect for Sam Smith. But musically it’s a bit different from what we did and heard earlier. That was a very diplomatic answer now. (laughs)

Harket: I haven’t heard the song yet. There is a limit to the music I want in my life, honestly. I want to do other things. And my influences come from things other than music. I’m not very interested in what’s going on in the music world right now. Of course I hear things every now and then. But I don’t chase for it.

CD review: a-ha “” Cast in Steel “”: Comeback album fails

The interview was conducted by Sonja Riegel.

Sensational news for all fans of the Norwegian pop rock band a-ha. The group around singer Morten Harket, which broke up in December 2010, will perform together again in September 2015 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the music festival “” Rock in Rio “”.

From January 11-20, 1985, the legendary festival took place in Rio for the first time and was attended by 1.3 million people. Bands like Queen, AC / DC, the Scorpions and artists like Tina Turner, Nina Hagen and Rod Stewart performed. At the second edition in 1991, the a-ha group was also there.

Record number of visitors for concerts in stadiums

She played in front of 195,000 spectators at the Maracanã Stadium on January 26, 1991, setting a record attendance for concerts in stadiums mentioned in the 2004 Guinness Book of World Records. In 2015, a-ha will perform in front of the bombastic backdrop of Rio for the second time.

Music: Singer with a-ha effect: Morten Harket in Berlin Photo show: Rock retirees Morten Harket: a-ha moments on the solo album Photo show: The legends of rock music

“” Offer that the band couldn’t refuse “”

Magne Furuholmen, the band’s keyboard, stated in a press release: “” The gigantic concert in the Maracanã stadium in 1991 was one of the absolute highlights in the history of a-ha. The chance to perform a second time in Rio in 2015 was an offer that the band simply couldn’t refuse. “” In addition, the group can not only celebrate the 30th anniversary of the festival there, but also the 30th birthday of the band itself Although a-ha was founded in 1982, the three musicians only achieved their breakthrough in 1985 with the hit “” Take On Me “”.

Whether for a cozy Sunday brunch or as a refreshing drink for hot summer days: this pineapple smoothie pampers your taste buds with its exotic ingredients made from pineapple, mango and ginger. This recipe shows you how to make the smoothie.

Opening and eating exotic fruits properly: persimmons, papaya Co.
Photo series with 8 pictures

Fruits from distant lands and mild yogurt – the ingredients

If you want to spoil your family with a homemade pineapple smoothie or just do something good for yourself, you should have some fresh ingredients and a mixer or hand blender in the house. According to a prescription from the “” Apotheken Umschau “” you need for about four glasses:

250 ml pineapple juice1 ripe mango20 g fresh ginger150 g natural yoghurt (3.5% fat) crushed ice as desired

A delicious pineapple smoothie in just a few steps

First peel the mango and detach the pulp from the stone before roughly cutting it into small pieces. The ginger also needs to be peeled – then rub this recipe ingredient as finely as possible with a kitchen grater. Now put the mango, ginger and yoghurt into a tall mixing vessel or your mixer. Pour on the pineapple juice and puree or mix all recipe ingredients vigorously.

Meal from the mixer: how healthy are smoothies really? Smoothie recipe: Honeydew melon smoothie with kiwi fruit – fruity refreshment Dried fruits: Dried pineapple – vitamins for on the go Many vitamins, few calories: Pineapple – Exotic fruits are so healthy Dried fruits: Dried pineapples – vitamins for on the go

Tip: If you want to prepare the pineapple smoothie particularly refreshing, add some more crushed ice and mix the smoothie again until a thick, homogeneous liquid is formed. Now you can divide the fruity drink into four glasses and serve.

As a light alternative to chocolate mousse, panna cotta and the like, you should try a pineapple dessert. The following recipe is child’s play, healthy and certainly not just great fun for the little ones.

Opening and eating exotic fruits properly: persimmons, papaya Co.
Photo series with 8 pictures

Pineapple meets sesame, meets honey, meets ice cream – the ingredients

Some desserts can be quite tough on your stomach. Especially after a long meal, heavy desserts such as tiramisu and the like ensure full-time employment in the stomach. It can be much easier after the sweet temptation, for example with a tasty pineapple dessert.

This is not only easily digestible, but also healthy. Pineapple, for example, stimulates digestion and has anti-inflammatory effects, while sesame is good for bones and teeth and promotes blood formation.

You can get an overview of all the ingredients for one serving according to the recipe from the magazine “” EatSmarter! “” Here:

2 slices of fresh pineapple with peel (about 100 g each) 1 1/2 tbsp sesame 3 teaspoons liquid honey 1 scoop of ice cream (vanilla)

The recipe: that’s how fast you can prepare the pineapple dessert

When all the ingredients are ready, you can start preparing the pineapple dessert according to the following recipe: First peel the two slices of pineapple and remove the hard stalk in the middle of the fruit. Incidentally, this works best with an apple cutter. If one is not at hand, the skillful use of a knife also leads to success.

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Then toast the sesame seeds in a non-stick pan until they have turned a brownish hue and smell, and spread them on a flat plate. Now brush the prepared pineapple rings with honey on both sides and press them into the sesame. Now add the scoop of vanilla ice cream and serve your pineapple dessert! A really easy recipe, right?

Dried fruits contain a lot of sorbitol. The sweetener is also used in many foods as a sugar substitute. Anyone who ingests more than 20 grams a day can get diarrhea, gas or stomach pain. This amount can be found in 30 grams of diet jam, for example. Any food that contains more than 10 percent sorbitol or similar substances must have the wording “” … can have a laxative effect if consumed in excess “”.

Baierbunn (dpa / tmn) – people with restless legs – the so-called Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) – do not always have to be treated with medication immediately. A cool sleeping environment often helps at the beginning, reports the “” Apotheken Umschau “” (issue A8 / 2018).

New US study: Do corona residues get into human genome? Epidemiologist on corona vaccine: “” It is normal that there are gaps in knowledge at the time of approval “” Study compares diseases: Covid-19 probably three times as deadly as flu Telephone calls and game evenings: Maintain contacts in lockdown Store or bar ?: Corona- Risk of infection – it is increased here

Many patients find strong leg massages and stretching exercises in the evening to be beneficial. It is best to move those affected to exercise in the morning. Stimulating drinks such as coffee or alcohol are no longer recommended in the late afternoon and evening.

Even if not everyone needs medication immediately: Anyone who feels an uncomfortable urge to move in their legs at night should go to a neurologist and have a thorough examination. The restless legs can be due to an iron deficiency, for example, or a side effect of a drug. According to the journal, RLS is one of the most common neurological diseases.

Nohfelden (AP) – The singer Nicole (55) was able to gain something positive from the Corona crisis. “” The ICE, with which one usually drove through life, has slowed down, “said the 1982 Grand Prix winner of the German press agency.

“” I enjoyed not having to keep any appointments and reviving old, asleep contacts. “” Overall, she got through the crisis “” very well “”. “” The biggest restriction was not having contact with our grandchildren, “said the singer, who won the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) for Germany 38 years ago with” A bit of peace “. She is not making any travel plans for this summer. But: “” I hope that I can fly to South Africa again at the end of the year. “”

Pop singer Nicole has experienced three fateful events in her life. She jumped from death three times due to inexplicable coincidences. 

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The “” A bit of peace “” singer Nicole firmly believes in divine providence. She is convinced that there are guardian angels and unearthly things that one cannot understand. The 54-year-old said in an interview with radio B2. 

Even as a child she had a very spiritual touch – and it has remained so to this day. This is probably not least due to several experiences that Nicole had in which she escaped death. Nicole said that she jumped death three times within a few years. “” Then I know there has to be something there, someone who takes care of me. “”

The Ramstein air conference disaster in 1988

The first fateful incident occurred in 1988. Her husband actually wanted to see the air show in Ramstein. “” I resisted everything, I dawdled. “” After all, they went for a walk in the park.

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