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Obviously, the underwater hunters also appreciate the tasty poultry – Wedding Travel & Location

Obviously, the underwater hunters also appreciate the tasty poultry

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About Obviously, the underwater hunters also appreciate the tasty poultry

Obviously, the underwater hunters also appreciate the tasty poultry

Fearless Europeans

The Full English Breakfast can be a first-time challenge for those struggling to knock down fatty sausages and baked beans in the morning. However, Maggie Dobson of the bed and breakfast agency “At Home in London” has found that tourists are mostly curious about the English breakfast. “In my opinion, that’s because it’s typically English.” Something that doesn’t exist anywhere else: “Most people try it at least once to get the experience.”

Teeth like razors, cold eyes, pure power – when the huge shark crashes into the bars right in front of her, Eva Schramm’s heart stops. The student from Darmstadt shivers for a long time – the most aggressive and biggest killer from the shark pack surprisingly did not turn off, but rammed the cage directly and clearly selected her as his prey. Welcome to shark diving in Gaansbai on the coast of South Africa – has taken a closer look at the unforgettable adventure.

This is how fast it goes with shark diving: At the beginning, when it goes into the water, most divers are still cool, because the apparently robust steel cage promises safety. But the pulse quickly races upwards when a six-meter-long monster behind bars takes the tourists for a delicious starter – and such a monster can weigh over three tons. “Instead of swimming towards the cage as usual, turn away and parallel to us swimming past, the giant shark swam head-on towards me and slammed into the box right in front of my nose. He bit into the bars and I had the incredibly large, open mouth in front of me. The bar we were holding onto was only ten centimeters from the outer wall – I let go of it very quickly. Then I had the total adrenaline rush. That was really amazing! ”>>

Speed ​​plus mass meet a few kilograms of metal – those who stay cool while shaking are out of this world. This quickly makes you wonder: is the adventure really safe? Isn’t the cell rusted either? And does the clever robber jump into the protective cage from above? After all, the predatory fish can take off excellently and meters high – sometimes the shark cage is even open at the top so that the divers can get in from the boat.

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The adventure is therefore not risk-free: it was only in March that a shark broke through the bars of the cage head-on in the Gaansbai, forced its head through and snapped at the shark divers, who ducked away in panic – just in time.

Shark paradise in South Africa

The sharks are lured by the crew with bloody tuna heads. When the hungry pack shows up, the guide shouts “Down, down!”. And already seven heads, wrapped in the hat of their neoprene suit, disappear under the surface of the kill a mockingbird thesis statements

The adventurers let the weight of their lead belt fall to the bottom of the cage. They stay in the water for up to 45 minutes to experience the sharks up close in their natural environment. The coast in front of Gansbaai is considered a paradise for shark divers – which translates as Goose Bay. Obviously, the underwater hunters also appreciate the tasty poultry. The place is about 170 kilometers southeast of Cape Town. A trip lasts several hours, costs around 150 euros and starts on land with a light breakfast, which the guests on board all too often sacrifice immediately to the sea god Neptune in heavy seas. The equipment is put on board: Before diving into the cage, the shark heroes wore a wetsuit and shoes, diving goggles and weight belts. Then you have to wait until the first sharks appear.

Booming business with the sea killer

Providers include the company “Shark Diving Unlimited”, with which student Schramm went to sea. Hotels also work with “Marine Dynamics”, but the number of providers is legion. The best time is from April to September. In addition to the South African coast, Port Lincoln in southern Australia is a well-known place for “Shark Cage Diving”. In Germany, the company “Getyourguide” offers worldwide tours for shark diving.

The shark adventure without a protective cage is even more intense. A trip to Umkomaas on the south coast of South Africa is ideal. The top event is the annual “Sardine Run” in June and July – when hundreds of sharks cavort off the coast to eat their way through millions of fish. The best-known diving areas are Protea Banks or Aliwal Shoal. The underwater adventure is not without controversy: animal rights activists warn that the hunters lose their fear of humans as a result and thus explain the increasing number of attacks on surfers. Proponents, however, argue that sharks only attack more intensely because they lack food due to the overfishing of the seas. >>

And through the close contact with the predatory fish the respect for the gray, streamlined and fascinating hunter increases again – this is exactly what is necessary, since the global population had been decimated by 90 percent after the films from the series “The Great White Shark” Shark tourism is always an economic factor: The University of British Columbia in Canada has calculated that the fear business will bring in more than 780 million dollars in annual sales worldwide over the next 20 years; In Africa alone, according to industry experts, around 20,000 tourists go down every year to experience the great white shark, tiger shark, bull shark or hammerhead shark up close. Our heroine Eva Schramm cares little about this business aspect. What counts for her is the indescribable adventure – the adrenaline rush after her tour lasted the whole day, and she would repeat the indescribable experience at any time.

If good friends or girlfriends are invited, a man prefers to be the perfect host. The landlord would love to go to the well-stocked bar and offer a reservoir of drinks. With a cleverly selected basic equipment, your own small house bar is not that expensive and offers your guests a large selection. Together with the gentleman blog, we explain which spirits and liqueurs you need for them.

Bar equipment

Photo series with 10 pictures

When it comes to your own house bar, the aim should by no means be to be able to create as many drinks as possible. It’s not just about the length of the bar shelf, it’s what you like. Don’t make the liquor dealer happy, make your guests happy. Tip: Pay attention to what your friends and acquaintances order in a public bar.

Cuba Libre and Caipirinha

The classics are Cuba Libre and Caipirinha. There is probably no bar in the world that does not have these two drinks on the menu, even in the village disco they are now standard. And not without good reason, because both are easy to mix and – if prepared correctly – really tasty. Only a few ingredients are needed for both drinks. White rum and cachaça, brown cane sugar, limes, cola and crushed ice.

With this one can at least satisfy the absolute basic needs. If you don’t have a cachaça at hand, you can also use white rum for your caipirinha if necessary. A bartender friend of mine once said to me: “Sure, you can use rum. But if you really want to enchant, then you damn well take cachaça. ”

White and brown tequila

Since many favorite cocktails are based on tequila, you will want to treat yourself to a basic set of these too. Well-known and popular cocktails or long drinks are the Margarita, the Tequila Sunrise, Zorro and El Diabolo. To mix these drinks you need white tequila, Cointreau, Curaçao Triple Sec and Grenadine.

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If you prefer to drink your tequila with orange and cinnamon, you will still get the brown tequila. You don’t need much more besides the juices. And since these ingredients can also be used for many other cocktails, buying a good tequila is almost always worthwhile. >>

A good gin and tonic is almost always possible. Also because it is done so wonderfully quickly. In addition to tonic and limes or lemons, you only need a good gin. That’s it already.

Gin Tonic and Moscow Mule make Long Island Ice Tea

If you like the Moscow Mule, you need ginger ale, the well-known limes and, of course, vodka. The nice thing about it is that once you have these two drinks, the Cuba Libre and the Margarita, you essentially have the ingredients for a Long Island Ice Tea together. It is also clear that the more drinks you can have, the more often cross-connections arise that you didn’t really have in mind before.

Cognac is the ultimate men’s drink, which is why you shouldn’t do without it when equipping your own home bar. For special occasions (and ladies visiting) it is also advisable to always have a champagne in the house. A typical cocktail, long drink or sour consists of spirits, one or more juices or lemonades and the garnish. Since the visual impression also counts, you should definitely get some cocktail cherries and fresh fruit depending on the occasion. You shouldn’t skimp on juices either. Because these make up a large part of the taste. If you are stingy at the wrong end, you can still have the best vodka, rum and whiskey at home, it won’t be enough for perfect enjoyment.

Drinks for James Bond, Don Draper and the dude

For James Bond, the martini cocktail is the ultimate mixed drink. Again, you need (really!) Good gin as well as a dry vermouth. If you are already at it, you can treat yourself to the Bianco and the Rosso in addition to the Secco. Then this collection is at least complete. Every good bar needs whiskey. The men around Don Draper from the TV series Mad Men already knew that.

American bourbon whiskey is mostly used for the mixed drinks. So if you like an old fashioned or whiskey sour, you should get bourbon and angostura (bitter liqueur). The “dude” from Big Lebowski is probably one of the laziest and most heroic characters in film history. His favorite drink is the White Russian. You’ve already bought the vodka for it, all that’s missing is the coffee liqueur (for example Kahlúa) and milk – even better: whipped cream. In honor of the dude, an establishment in Münster has created a house rule: Anyone who appears with shorts, bathrobe and sandals receives a White Russian for free.

Here is a summary of the most important spirits: white rum, cachaça, white and golden tequila, gin, vermouth, vodka, American bourbon, champagne and cognac as well as Irish and Scottish whiskey. If you want to mix all the drinks listed at your own bar, you will have to pick up between 200 and 250 euros. That’s good money, but manageable. Nevertheless, it is advisable to start small and perhaps first have the ingredients for three to four drinks. So you can try out yourself in peace and familiarize yourself with the drinks.

Anecdotes and inspirations

Deep conversations and loads of anecdotes are part of a bar. Whenever it makes sense, you should take a detour to a bar on your travels. In addition to delicious drinks, you get to know interesting people here. Hardly any other place invites you to a casual conversation like a well-attended bar with a pleasant atmosphere. In addition to recipe ideas for drinks, you can collect stories and anecdotes from every trip, which you can enjoy at the local bar when you return. With the kind support of

Can you actually drink a woman nicely? Is Herbal Brandy Really As Good For The Digestion As It Is Said? And is it true that men are more drinkable than women? We have tracked down and cleared up the ten most important myths about alcohol for you.

Cheaper fusel blindly turns your fingers away from high-proof spirits of unknown origin, because under certain circumstances alcohol consumption can indeed lead to blindness. In addition to the potable ethanol, the burning process also produces the highly toxic methanol, which settles on the surface and actually has to be skimmed off. If this is not done out of greed for profit, just a few shot glasses can lead to serious damage to the central nervous system – especially the optic nerve. In principle, every alcoholic drink contains methanol, but usually in such small quantities that it is absolutely impossible to poison. Women are nice to drink

That’s true in a certain way – and of course it also works the other way around. Who doesn’t know that: When you’re in a state of intoxication, everything is great.

But there is also a scientific explanation for this: Researchers at Roehampton University in London have found that the higher the alcohol level, it becomes more and more difficult for us to distinguish between symmetrical and crooked faces. In addition, even small amounts of alcohol cause our brain to release the happiness hormone dopamine.

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So don’t be surprised the next time you find yourself grinning broadly in the Playboy Villa. This is most likely due to the empty bottle of vodka in your hand.

Any intoxication kills brain cells

That’s right, after all, alcohol is a neurotoxin. Experts estimate that up to 30,000 nerve cells die with every intoxication. Sounds like a lot of idiocy per drink, compared to the 100 billion brain cells we have, but that hardly matters.

Schnapps is good for digestion Wrong, on the contrary: the more alcohol is drunk during or after a meal, the slower the body digests the meal, according to a study by the University Hospital Zurich.

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